September 19, 2016

How anything under Union group never failed my taste buds. I was here at Bistecca last weekend with my girlfriends, in need of good food and we got them. Bistecca is located in the same building as the other establishment of Union group, The Dutch. As soon as we stepped inside, the design immediately reminded me of Union group's signature concept. Except for Casa, I personally always feels every restaurants under the group has similar vibes and ambiance, that New York pub style classic.

Bistecca is an Italian - American steakhouse, prepare to see the menu is mostly covered with pasta and steak. When I see crab cake on one of their starter's list, I know we should order one. It is not easy to find crab cake in Jakarta. In fact, the only place I ever eaten a crab cake here in town was at Ruth's Chris. If you know any other place serving a good crab cake, please leave a comment! So, Bistecca's crab cake was nothing near jumbo despite the tittle they put on, for us it was pretty moist and well seasoned, but wasn't memorable. I could easily say that Ruth's Chris's crab cake wins my vote.

Though they serve pasta and some other menu like chicken and pork as well, that day we went for what they claimed to serve best, the steak. We each ordered three different kinds and tasted each others'. Safe to say, they were all so gooood! I never wanted to put the word favorite just based on one visit, because it will be silly, how can you claim something to be your favorite when you've just dined there once? Butttt... I can confidently say, based on this first visit, they serve one of the best steak in town. I personally like them better than Ruth's Chris.

What amazed me was how well cooked and tender the steaks were. We requested the rib eye and striploin on medium well, and tenderloin on well done temperature, but still, even the well done one wasn't losing its juiciness. They were very tender, juicy and well seasoned. Among three, my favorite would be my rib eye and my friend's striploin. If you like the fat on your steak, go with the New York striploin. All the steaks come with no free sides except for arugula leaves.

One of their most popular dessert is the Signature baked alaska (120k) where they light fire on top of a glass of rum and then pour it onto the dessert. The inside is three flavors of ice creams and chocolate cake. I didn't expect it to be that good, but it was. Not overly sweet with moist cake on the bottom.

All in all, we had a great lunch at Bistecca. Great service and good food. Price range might not be too cheap, but you get what you paid for. Fellow Carnivores, you now know another great steakhouse to satisfy your meat cravings.

Thank you for reading!

18 Parc Place Tower C, GF
SCBD, Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 5151660 (RSVP is recommended)
IG: @bisteccajkt
Price range: 65k - 2.2million

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September 2016