Whipping Up Dutch with Chef Chris Moes

September 08, 2016

Along with the launch of The Dutch's new menu, we talked with Chef Chris Moes, the Executive Chef of The Dutch, who happily shared us the age-old recipe of one of his favourite dishes, Beef Succade.

t even a year since it was established, The Dutch’s celebrated charcuterie and beer on tap pairing have garnered massive appeal among Jakarta’s food enthusiasts. Of course, what keeps this restaurant thronged with steady stream of crowds is largely due to Chef Chris Moes’ time-tested culinary chops. Lending his Dutch origin to the restaurant’s name, Chef Moes’ dishes up authentic Dutch cuisine aside from hearty European fares at The Dutch.

“Dutch cuisine is simple and honest,” says the chef who has worked in the kitchen since 16 years of age. After working in numerous restaurants, including the reputable De Kas restaurant in Amsterdam, he decided that it is time to embark on a new experience. Thus, he moved to Indonesia.

“There are a lot of influences between both countries [Indonesia and Netherlands]. In my opinion, the best Indonesian food outside of Indonesia is in Holland,” says Chef Moes, particularly fascinated by the gastronomic relationship both countries share.

Chef Moes has been working closely with The Union Group, one of the most well-known F&B groups in Jakarta. His past work with the group before The Dutch was for a restaurant named Canteen, located in The Pacific Place Mall. However, it seems that his position at The Dutch serves him right, especially considering his longstanding experience in Dutch cuisine.

In conjunction with the recent launch of The Dutch’s new menu that boasts yet another glorious bunch of hearty, tummy-warming dishes, Chef Moes is delighted to share us a special recipe: Beef Succade, a Dutch-style braised beef that is served with ‘hutspot’ (a mix of carrots, potatoes and onions, cooked in gravy).

Asked what makes this dish special to him, the chef answers, “My mother would usually cook this on Sunday nights for the whole family. It is a great memory and every year when I go back to Holland for holiday, she will cook it for me.”

To enjoy the dish a whole lot more, just like with any other of his cuisines, it is recommended to pair the Beef Succade with “a cold beer or a good glass of red wine,” as the chef suggests. That’s why, The Dutch also releases the “One Metre Beer”, a tasting board selection of their available beers on tap, to go with practically any dishes on the menu. This way, one can at least pair the food with all the available beers while trying to discover his/her favourite pairing. Or, there’s always the option of asking the waiters for suggestions — say, “What goes well with ‘Filet Américain’? Heineken or Kilkenny?” — although there would probably be no answer to it as any types of beers would undoubtedly pair up excellently with all Chef Moes’ creations.