March 14, 2016

When it comes to F&B scene, particularly in Jakarta, there are some (or a lot of) things that make me happy, some of them are pretty common standards: good food, good looking restaurant, good service, good value for money, but for me, another thing is knowing that UNION group is opening a new restaurant, and I always look forward to great things they are doing! Call me their number one supporter because I genuinely probably am!

Say hello to The Dutch, their newest establishment which just opened TODAY (as this post is written), this time UNION Group came with a unique and different concept with their previous establishments, and here comes The Dutch along with its gastrobar beauty. If you are beer enthusiasts, then this is the place you should be going.

The Dutch is located in the same spot which was a home to a restaurant named Entrada, this might be their first day today but the crowd was jamming, it was almost a full house - not something I am very used to for a weekday and 3 PM situation, but considering this place is awesome and it’s new so yeah.

First, the ambiance, I never really know how to explain "ambiance" properly as it's more like a feeling, but this place has something very homey about it. It might be from the moody look of this restaurant with dim lighting (if you’re looking forward to take good pictures this place might not be the best), the crowd of the day, the music, or maybe the good air-conditioning hmm. The Dutch is not the most spacious restaurant, but everything about the design element creates this nice comfortable feel. It’s just simple, minimalist, with a twist of industrial and vintage. My favorite seat would be the one with the live-kitchen view (kitchen bar seating), I can see an Omakase coming! That would probably be a good idea.

A quick scan of their menu and I found the pricing to be a tad higher than Union or Loewy (or maybe around Loewy) with price ranging from IDR 65k-450k for food, and drinks ranging from IDR 50k-200k. The food menu here might be something more elevated than the common gastrobars you’ve visited before, all thanks to the Dutch native chef, Chris Moes. They have a good range of menu with some inspired by the local cuisine and adapted from it.

The Dutch Erwtensoep - IDR 75 K

The soup was technically a split pea puree cooked with a little cream, overall I found the texture quite pleasant with tasty seasoning and roasted Rookworst cuts (pork sausage) adding the flavor and fun, thick yet fulfilling. It came with house-baked pretzel roll and the most awesome smoked butter in bone marrow! The butter had this beautiful smoky fragrance to it, with the bone marrow flavor kind of infused a bit to the butter. Just so good I don't know how to describe it.

Braised Lamb in Puff Pastry - IDR 190 K

I believe this dish is chef Chris Moes' unique take on the quintessential British meat pie. On my first full bite of everything, I tried to differentiate the flavor of the braised lamb shank and the buttery puff pastry dome, the flavor of the puff pastry seemed to kind of overdo the lamb shank, but when you don’t have it together, you can tell that the braised lamb shank was perfectly cooked with light seasoning, fall-apart texture, and most importantly, it did not stink! The mashed potato was beautiful right there adding a little creamy texture, and the beef juice had this strong intense flavor to it (in a good way of course).

Speculaas Toast - IDR 65k

FYI it’s not tempe bacem if you don’t read the title, I must say that I love how this dessert looks, something grungy, glazy about it that makes it very appetizing to see (and the cinnamon ice cream of course). The french toast might not have that bread-y and eggy texture that I was aiming for, but it did have this sponge cake texture so I am all good. I was excited about having Speculaas dessert, but the cinnamon flavor kinda washed the cookie flavor of the Speculaas off. Anyway, I still find this one good.

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