THE UNION GROUP: Only Serve The Finest

October 02, 2015

“We think that our personalized service and attention to details are the things that separate us from other players in Jakarta. We hope that we can continue to bring new concepts that excite the market for many years to come.”

-From JENNIFER KARJADI, Marketing Director of The Union Group

As one of the pioneers in the Jakarta food and beverage scene, The Union Group has a strong commitment to provide the customers a great experience by offering high quality food, beverage and wine. Presented with friendly and knowledgeable services in a warm, casual but thoughtfully designed setting. The Union Group’s family of restaurants includes Benedict, Caffe Milano, Canteen, Casa, Cork & Screw, E&O, Loewy and Union.

The heart and soul that made The Union Group strong is a team of uniquely talented and passionate chefs, they have always been serve good, honest food in a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. They share the same visions in how they would like the world to know about this company. One of the examples is Caffe Milano with chef Luca Pezzera hailed from Bergamo, Italy, which produced dishes that rich in authenticity. In Union, Chef Adika Maxi powered this brasserie to success after previously worked at Gordon Ramsay’s eponymous two-Michelin star restaurants. Chef Maxi partnered up with a popular TV personality Chef Karen Carlotta. Also in E&O, the street food Chef Will Meyrick heads this modern Southeast Asian restaurant. Chef Meyrick also owns a string of prestigious establishment including the award-winning fine dining Sarong in Bali and Mama San.

Expansion is something that The Union Group has always in mind; currently they have a few projects in the making. Chef Chris Moes, the core of Canteen and Casa, will be the head chef for the new project which will be a grill and smokehouse focusing primarily on meats. The Union Group will continue surprise customers with a combination of both classical and modern methods of cooking wrapped in a beautifully decor restaurants.

Published in High End Magazine October 2015