Dining: On the Hunt for Decent Sandwich

May 01, 2015

Over the last couple of years, Jakarta has (finally) jumped onto the sandwich bandwagon and we’ve noticed more quality bakeries and artisanal sandwiches becoming available. Here’s where to get a really good sandwich in Jakarta.

Ron Luhur, bread chef and partner at Union Deli, loves good food, particularly sandwiches! He lived in the US for 16 years during which time he actually did a “sandwich tour” of New York, participated in a bread course at a New York culinary school, and built his own baking “studio” in his house!

He brings his nuttiness and passion to Union Deli which has a fantastic and unique range of sandwiches. Their“Cubano,” based on the popular sandwiches of Miami (introduced by the Cuban immigrants), features Balinese pork marinated in a Cuban mojo, Swiss cheese, home-made pickles and mustard. All is squeezed into one of Union Baker’s Studio’s pressed baguettes.

Other pleasing options include their New York Deli inspired “Pastrami Sandwich,” featuring their own house-cured pastrami (pepper crusted beef brisket) on whole wheat bread. “We make as much as possible ourselves,” explains Ron, “the salmon for the smoked salmon bagel is smoked in house, for example”.

A diverse selection of fresh breads, baked to Ron’s special recipes at the Union Baker’s Studio, are available to take-away at the counter. Choose from pretzels, focaccia, walnut bread, ciabatta, chili cheddar loaf and San Francisco Sourdough and (naturally) each comes with Union Deli’s own guide for bread storage and heating!

Grand Indonesia, East Mall

Published in Now! Jakarta May 2015