April 02, 2015

The Union Group scores another win with the opening of Caffe Milano at the ground floor of the East Mall of Grand Indonesia.

Set amidst the booming newly renovated East Mall of Grand Indonesiaand just a few steps from sister restaurant Union Deli. Caffe Milano conjures up the dining culture of Milan and Northern Italy. It has that authentic Trattoria feel, and serves hearty and rustic dishes, classic Italian cocktails and has an extensive wine list. Caffe Milano's decor depicts a classic Milanes trattoria. It is an approachable, comfortable space and yet refined in terms of materials and detailing, with marble and terra-cotta floors, dark-wood paneling and a cozy alfresco dining area.

It is designed to welcome guests throughout the day, for a casual unch meet, a relaxing coffeeand sweets in the afternoon, and a perfect dinner venue with a buzzing bar later in the evening. The decor is simple but works very weel.

The kitchen is headed by Chef Luca Pezzera, a native of Bergamo, a beautiful city Northeast of Milan. His concept is to create simple and authentic regional Italian dishes, using age-old recipes passed down by his own family. "My cooking style focuses on the art of simpicity, using only high quality and fresh ingredients. I prefer to retain the authenticity of the dishes, with a modern touch," says Chef Luca.

The dishes at Caffe Milano are simple and familiar, but the sophistication lies in the ingredients and execution. His style of cooking has won Chef Luca a loyal following, previously at Scusa in Jakarta and subsequently at Bonda and District 10 in Singapore.

The Italians love their wines and cocktails, andmeals are wonderfully punctuated with drink. At Caffe Milano, start with a perfectly made Negroni or an Aperol Spritz, followed by a refreshing Pinot Grigio with your starter or a simple but delicious Chianti-Classico with pizza, topped with a deep and complex Barolo or Barbaresco with pasta or meat dish. And last but not least, a glass of Grappa or Amaro after dessert.

The team of mixologists have been working hard to create the best classic Italian cocktails this side of Via Montenapoleone. Meanwhile, the cellar haas one of the most comprehensive Italian wine selections in Jakarta, ranging from simple everyday drinking wines to vertical vinatges of the most coveted Barolos and Super Tuscans.

Published in Foodie April 2015